How to handle mirakl customer order email missing for integrations

Sellintu clients experienced issues with mirakl marketplaces not providing order email - here we explain how we solved the problem

Mar 22, 2024
How to handle mirakl customer order email missing for integrations

In 2024 Sellintu clients experienced issues with marketplaces not providing order emails

From one day to the next, we received multiple reports that customer order email did not go through from Mirakl based marketplaces, such as Decathlon or Fressnapf, to Shopify. Upon further investigation, we learned that it was either a Mirakl backend issue, or a choice from the marketplace operator. We saw that for the same operator, in some countries the email was still shown, and in other countries it was removed. From some clients, we learned that one could negotitate with the operator, in order to make agreements that would allow certain information to flow to the seller, such as email and telephone number, as long as they promised not to use it for anything other than fulfilment of orders.

example of marketplace before and after

How we solved the issue with missing customer order emails in Mirakl

We introduced the flow of taking the actual customer email if it is provided by the operator (this is often an additional field), which some provide, and others does not. If this is not available, then we take the mirakl proxy email, and use this. If the Mirakl proxy email is not available, then we use an email provided by the sellintu client. If no email is provided by the sellintu client, then we use the Sellintu generated client email, to ensure that each order synchronised to the store is given an order email.

How this benefits our clients

The benefit of this flow, is that if for any reason an operator change their email settings, which happens from time to time, then sellintu clients will not experience any major disruptions to synchronisations of their orders, ensuring timely handling of fulfilment and compliance on the marketplace they sell on.

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