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Worry no more about customer complaints. Register and set up the automated flows between your systems, for peace of mind.

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Integrating your systems with your marketplaces
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Developed by sellers, for sellers. We know the pain.

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Marketplace selling experience

We were in your shoes before, trying to scale the sales of our e-commerce brands on marketplaces. Years of working in the e-commerce multi-channel industry has given us a bucket list of things that could be done smarter. Now we are on a mission to get it done.

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Scale unhindered across markets

Many sellers want to scale with peace of mind from few to many marketplaces, but neglecting to do daily tasks on each channel can disturb the peace. Therefore, it helps tremendously to have as much tasks automated as possible.

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In-house development team

Starting off by building solutions for ourselves, we have the internal capabilities to build the tools to reliably run operations of millions of $ worth of sales. So many things can go wrong selling on marketplaces, daily operations of fulfilment of orders should not be one of them.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

The Sellintu team define succes as having the best possible customer experience. Why not give it a try?

"This makes marketplaces worth it"

"We are selling on multiple large marketplace platforms that use the Mirakl system. As a small seller, we experience increasing demands for compliance with quality metrics, such as fast order handling, customer serivce and invoice generation. Whenever our 1 guy handling this goes on vacation, we struggle to meet required demands, and risk being thrown out. We want a solution to automate this."

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Alfonso Chen
Sales Director at Deepblu

"Sellintu helps us keep track!"

"Reliance on Amazon is increasingly seen as a risk to our sales operations, which sparked our investments into other channels. We are now on 10+ Mirakl based platforms, and I waste many hours weekly to generate sales reports from each, to our sales managers. If I could have the reports in one place, across the channels, it could easily save me 10 hours a month. We do not have developers in-house to help"

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Eleanor Martinsen
Office Manager at Deep Nordic
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